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Frequently Asked Questions

 We provide multiple layers of protection to secure your online banking experience:

 Encryption is a method of scrambling information for transmission to prevent unauthorized parties from reading the information. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the industry standard for encrypted communication and ensures that customer's interaction with Bhadradri Bank over the internet is secure

 Keep your password top secret and change them as often as possible

 Changing passwords often helps in protecting your account even if inadvertently you may have disclosed it to someone.

 When you create your password, make it at least 8 characters long. Include at least one capital letter, one numerals (0-9) and one special character (like #, $ etc.). This makes the password very difficult to crack

 General Banking Services

 Tax Services

 Other Services

 Tax Credit Statement.

 Stop Payment Request

 Request for a cheque book

 Cheque Status

 Limit Enhancement:

 Fund Transfer between your own accounts

 Fund Transfer to any Other Bhadradri Bank account

 Fund Transfer to Other Bank's Account (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS)

 Instant Money Transfer

 UPI (GooglePay,PhonePay,Paytm etc...)

 Charges are applicable dependent of the type of transfer. You will see the charges applicable prior to submitting the fund transfer request.

 The funds are transferred to any Bhadradri Bank account instantly on a best effort basis

 Funds transferred through IMPS & UPI will get credited immediately

 Funds transferred to any other bank account before cut-off time will be credited on the same day, post cut-off time, the same would be credited on the next working day

 Usual Device is the device with which you have already used to either set or verify your questions